Odyssey Dyse

Odyssey Dyse
modified die

Friday, February 25, 2011


  1. Create and refine some short games that demonstrate the versatility of the dyse.
    1. This is the fun part. In fact it becomes rather obsessive at times. Fortunately because of my "Short and easily demonstrable" criteria the bad ideas are quickly weeded out.
    2. The game boards can be simple graph squares (or my old Acquire board) on standard paper with just the dyse as playing pieces.
  2. Find an affordable dyse maker.
    1. Custom dice typically cost several dollars PER SIDE! To get them any cheaper you have to buy them by the ton. Blue Panther Games, however has given me a real good price and Steve @BPG has been very helpful. Thanks, Steve.
  3. List approachable game companies. Send them the best games and some dyse.

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