Odyssey Dyse

Odyssey Dyse
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Blog

Hi, welcome to my free website.
I am starting this blog to promote my dice design I'm calling Odyssey Dyse. I wanted a name that described what these unique dyse DO. (please note the change in spelling) They take you across a game board on adventures created by a game designer or your own imagination.
The dyse each have one of the standard numbers, 1 through 6, arranged in the traditional grouping. That's where the similarity with dice ends. This design works by giving the white areas their own space. The result is the dark spaces remain numbers but the white spaces become pathways as you link dice and wind your way across the board.
Each number has its own peculiar properties, from the 1 which allows free passage in any direction, to the 5 which looks like a dead end, but in fact has acquired the most versatility.
I'll use this blog to talk about what the diyse are doing in the games I'm creating to highlight all their powers.
thanks, Joe

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