Odyssey Dyse

Odyssey Dyse
modified die

Friday, February 25, 2011


  1. Create and refine some short games that demonstrate the versatility of the dyse.
    1. This is the fun part. In fact it becomes rather obsessive at times. Fortunately because of my "Short and easily demonstrable" criteria the bad ideas are quickly weeded out.
    2. The game boards can be simple graph squares (or my old Acquire board) on standard paper with just the dyse as playing pieces.
  2. Find an affordable dyse maker.
    1. Custom dice typically cost several dollars PER SIDE! To get them any cheaper you have to buy them by the ton. Blue Panther Games, however has given me a real good price and Steve @BPG has been very helpful. Thanks, Steve.
  3. List approachable game companies. Send them the best games and some dyse.


My purpose, concerning Odyssey Dyse, is to get them into mainstream use as an extra tool for game designers. I believe that interactive games are important for people, as important as reading and getting into the wilderness. There are lots of other pastimes vying for our attention. Games seem to be doing well but could always use some  innovations.(is "new innovations" redundant?")
To fulfill that purpose I have a three fold plan.

  1. Present them to people who create games.
    1. Protospiel, BGDR
  2. Offer them to companies that have symbols similar to the dyse designs.
    1. Red Cross, Nascar, Victorinox, U. TN
  3. Create games which use the dyse and get the games published.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Blog

Hi, welcome to my free website.
I am starting this blog to promote my dice design I'm calling Odyssey Dyse. I wanted a name that described what these unique dyse DO. (please note the change in spelling) They take you across a game board on adventures created by a game designer or your own imagination.
The dyse each have one of the standard numbers, 1 through 6, arranged in the traditional grouping. That's where the similarity with dice ends. This design works by giving the white areas their own space. The result is the dark spaces remain numbers but the white spaces become pathways as you link dice and wind your way across the board.
Each number has its own peculiar properties, from the 1 which allows free passage in any direction, to the 5 which looks like a dead end, but in fact has acquired the most versatility.
I'll use this blog to talk about what the diyse are doing in the games I'm creating to highlight all their powers.
thanks, Joe