Odyssey Dyse

Odyssey Dyse
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Friday, March 11, 2011

New Dice!

I handed out flyers to coffee shops and a game/toy store asking for game testers. People were very receptive. Then I came home to find my professionally made dice in the mail box. The blues were gorgeous, like Delft pottery. These were on hard, dense, white acrylic, just like real dice only cooler. But the five wooden dice were beautiful, like flower petals. The colors were light, almost see through. It reminded me of buttermilk paint. And the printed lines were most precise. I can see these going to a certain kind of game. What, I don't know. But the acrylic dice roll hard and fast, as opposed to my homemade cubes, and will be great in one of my fast moving games, clacking around the board.

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